Custom RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard from Chinese manufacturer, personalize any parts you want. Low minimum order at cheap factory wholesale price, high quality promised.

OEM & ODM mechanical keyboard

Our advantages:

Custom product superiority

1.We may supply mechanical keyboard according to client’s  special requirements. Concerned about the best result of personalization, standardization and modularization.

2. Mass customization is welcome. Not only just printing logo, from the keyboard case shell, PCB board, switch, key cap, to drive software, all can be customized.

3.With our seasoned R&D team, all of our products have independent copyright, so even modifying the customization program ( including firmware and driver software ) is convenient.

Business advantages

With our modern factory, small batch order to meet client’s individual requirements

can be acceptable. Low minimum order quantity required.


Supply OEM & ODM services to brand owners

For PC ( notebook ) factories or brand owners and their distributors

Maybe our smart RGB backlit mechanical keyboard what just customized for you, can be regarded as a perfect promotional gifts to your customers.

For PC peripherals & gaming accessories sellers

Whether you have your own B2C online shop website: American store, European store and any other territorial stores, or you are a Ebay, Amazon, Wish seller,

Customize the full RGB backlit multiple layers programmable mechanical gaming keyboard for you, it should be certain to be your star product.


Supply ODM or custom service to Game Factories and their distributors

For example: Overwatch Reaper game themed mechanical gaming keyboard 

Linkage RGB LED lighting effects with e-sport gaming can strengthen the gaming experiences to your gamers. Powerful promoting for your gaming brand.


Optical mechanical keyboard – perfect products for gaming keyboard

Optical switches are with high reaction speed and durable, especially suitable for gaming

PCB main board with nanometer technology for waterproof & dustproof , fit for internet bar using.

Hot swappable switches, easy-to-replace

Price is cheaper than MX-based switches keyboard’s

Welcome merchants with strategically-minded contact us for customizing this kind of optical mechanical keyboards. Benefit both of you and your customers.


Other merchants’ any kind of customization cooperation

Such as for mobilephone factories and their distributors,

maybe our Bluetooth mini mechanical keyboard can be regarded as a perfect promotional gift for your customers.


Our other Guarantee & Promises

Product features leading

Our R&D Team – GeekCustom Team is located in China Silicon Valley – Shenzhen, keep technology continuous innovation, to maintain the industry’s leading position.

Quality assurance

Own morden factory, full automatic production line controlling

AOI laser scanning, full function 100% detection

Competitive Price Advantage

  1. Own designing product solution, control components cost
  2. Factory is located in Shenzhen, electronic complete matching, electronic components supply chain developed, procurement convenience, control raw material procurement costs
  3. Own factory–control manufacturing cost

Delivery time can be controlled accurately

With own factory, reasonable arrangements for the delivery time

Logistics developed

Company is located in Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong, global logistics developed.

Whether you choose express, air or sea, quite faster to worldwide. And logistics costs are quite competitive.

Import and export experienced

With many years of foreign trade team, skilled import and export processing for clients.



Brief Intro of Our Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard that uses a mechanical switch under every key, mechanical keyboard often includes an array of back light options, they typically light the keys from under the keycaps, that means the light shines up and around the key, lighting both the letter and the space around the square of the key cap. Sound, feeling, press, arrival distance of key switch make you feel very different when typing. Mechanical keyboard may be for both playing game and office.

Our mechanical keyboard is anti ghosting for all keys and can be adjusted by our mechanical keyboard driver software.

Custom mechanical keyboard with RGB full color back light effects

custom mechanical keyboard with RGB full color back light effects

We welcome companies, especially, game companies, order their custom mechanical keyboard in bulk, custom shape and panel, customkeyboard color and key cap color & printing, custom back light effects and dynamical light styles…..

Function and Features of our Mechanical Keyboard:

1)Ergonomic designed mechanical keyboard, removable and selectable panel frame. Character of keycaps with double-shot molding, never fade out.

2) 100% anti-ghosting with all 104 Keys, 100% anti-ghosting mean that every key you touch translates directly into the game.

3) Every key is with individual RGB LED lamp. RGB full color LED light makes you can do many many cool back light effects. Pluggable key caps and key switches.

4) This default mechanical keyboard is predefined 9 LED dynamic light effects (21 styles totally), with the combined control keys to shift among the 9 effects, or shut off the LED light.

5)You may add your custom backlight patterns to the mechanical keyboard. Support 3 user-defined backlight effects, Fn + F10, F11, F12. Press Fn+F10 activate “User Defined 1” back light style, then, press Fn+F10 a second time to enter the edit status, then you may define the back light of the keys on mechanical keyboard, press Fn+F10 to save and escape edit status.

6) Sound-activated and music-controlled LED light effect. RGB LED lights will jump, flash and strobe with the music or any sound around, an amazing music-dance of LED light. (This “music mode” could be switched on / off by the function key “Fn” +”← “)

7) One key to reset to default factory settings.

8) Replaceable key caps and key switches. Use a special puller tool, you may unplug any keycaps and key switches on the mechanical keyboard, certainly, you may plug some other styles of keycaps or key switches instead.

9) Customizable keycap color. you may choose your own keycap color and design your own keycap color distribution style.

10) Customizable key switchs. including switch color and switch press feel.

11) Customizable keyboard panel frame.

12)Customizable letters printed or engraved on keycaps, any custom pattern or logo printing on mechanical keyboard panel.

13)Mechanical keyboard driver tools for setting (Can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, Win 7/8/10… ). Once this driver tools were installed in your PC, you may make your own config for your mechanical keyboard including: define the keys, design your own back light effects, recording macro…. The mechanical keyboard would be fully programmable. With the driver tool software, any key can be reassigned and macros can be set up. The software is also used to configure the illumination. There are many different back lighting modes and effects available.

14) Other custom mechanical gaming keyboard items, such as waterproof, dustproof, …

15) All our mechanical keyboards passed FCC, CE, RoHS testing and get certificates.

Certificates of CE/FCC/RoHS for mechanical gaming keyboard

Certificates of CE/FCC/RoHS for mechanical gaming keyboard