Custom RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard from Chinese manufacturer, personalize any parts you want. Low minimum order at cheap factory wholesale price, high quality promised.

Development & design mechanical keyboard

Distinctive & Smart Design, Gorgeous Performance


GeekCustom Team History

  1. Developing & designing 2.4Ghz wireless keyboards & mice, Bluetooth keyboards & mice for 10 years. We are always at industry-leading level, even the bottom chips are developed by ourselves.
  2. Now we focus on developing and designing mechanical keyboards for 3 years.


GeekCustom Team’s works show:

RGB backlight Multi-layer mechanical keyboard solution

Completely different from any imitation brand in the market, the whole solution is developed and designed by ourselves.

mechanical keyboard PCB design solution

mechanical keyboard PCB design solution

Keyboard smart driver software

Market original, complete copyright, all powered by GeekCustom Team.

For Configurating multiple-layer keyboard and DIY RGB lighting effect.

It make users use smart keyboard easily.

mechanical keyboard smart driver software

mechanical keyboard smart driver software

Optical switches & optical mechanical keyboard

Light strike optical switch is from Chinese innovation. and it is with high reaction speed and durable than MX-based switches’.

Now GeekCustom Team work with Gateron factory, has made red, blue, black, brown and silver optical switches.

With our smart driver software, for multiple layers programmable and full RGB backlit controlling

This is our newly created product series,  with better quality and much competitive price.

In the future, GeekCustom Team will launch GeekOptimization optical switch, in order to improve the switches’ tolerances.



Waterproof, dustproof and Corrosion-resistant PCB board

Production process with nanometer technology

Washable mechanical keyboard, even can reach IP68 level


CIY 1.0 Hotswap MX-based mechanical switches

The keyboard PCB use Kailh hot swap sockets.

Customize your favorite switches easily. Change it yourself !


CIY 2.0 Hotswap optical mechanical switches

Optical switch’s structure is different from MX switch’s. More suitable for hot swap, more easier to plug-in and pull-out.

programmable 60% mechanical keyboard with RGB backlit effects and hot swappable switches.

programmable 60% mechanical keyboard with RGB backlit effects and hot swappable switches.

Full RGB backlit 60% keyboard

The world’s leading full RGB LED backlit design used in 60% keyboard.

With visual smart driver software, easy-to-use

User define every key’s individual color, useful  and interesting.

DIY RGB lighting effects.

What’s more, all the customized lighting effects can be stored in the keyboard, on-the-go.

Real gorgeous portable mechanical keyboard


Patent easy disassembly panel design, changeable shape

Install and replace keyboard panel quickly, just by 6pcs screws.

The design of reinforcement steel plate, fit for net-café.



More deep development & design

Welcome to contact us, just customize for you.