Custom RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard from Chinese manufacturer, personalize any parts you want. Low minimum order at cheap factory wholesale price, high quality promised.

Mechanical gaming keyboard with metal panel & RGB backlit (sc-mk-30)

Mechanical gaming keyboard with metal panel & RGB backlit (sc-mk-30)
Mechanical gaming keyboard with metal panel & RGB backlit (sc-mk-30)

mechanical gaming keyboard with metal panel & RGB backlit (sc-mk-30)

Techanical Parameters
Switches: blue switch (or custom)
Back light: 16.8M Colors RGB / multi color
Keys: 104
Driver: yes
anti ghosting: All keys anti-ghosting
key caps: 2-color moulded keycaps
Special version for public use: bonding and pluggable, waterproof..


Mechanical gaming keyboard with metal panel & RGB backlit (sc-mk-30)


Rhythm of switches: Slight difference among different switches of mechanical gaming keyboard, many users choose blue switch for its obvious clicky rhythm while some professional gaming players choose black switch for its short travel distance to save time.


Touch Feel of the switches: Each key on the mechanical keyboard is with a switch and a keycap. Touch feel from the keys is important to a professional gaming player, slight difference among different switches may only be detected by hands-on way.


Many backlit effects predefined in mechanical gaming keyboard internal memory


9 keys + Fn to change backlight effects or parameters of backlight on mechanical keyboard


Many configurations in driver software, advanced settings make the mechanical gaming keyboard be more powerful when gaming

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mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-white-sc-mk-30 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-backlit-effect-sc-mk-30 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-sc-mk-30-black-white mechanical-gaming-keyboard-sc-mk-30-gun-color

mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-sc-mk-30 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-removeable-matel-panel-sc-mk-30 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-black-sc-mk-30-2 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-black-sc-mk-30-3 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-black-sc-mk-30

mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-white-sc-mk-30-5 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-white-sc-mk-30-2 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-white-sc-mk-30-3 mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rgb-back-light-white-sc-mk-30-4


December 28, 2016