Custom RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard from Chinese manufacturer, personalize any parts you want. Low minimum order at cheap factory wholesale price, high quality promised.

Functional Keys for Mechanical Keyboard Back Light

Many functions of our mechanical keyboard can be operated by functional keys,  following image instructs these function keys, all keys must work with the “Fn” key pressed. Function keys also can be customizable if needed. These functional keys control the back light effects and their effect parameters.

Function keys of mechanical keyboard

Function keys of mechanical keyboard (Click to see big image)

User define backlight effect

Above image shows there are 3 “user define” keys responding to “Fn+F10”, “Fn+F11”, “Fn+F12”, this means you may define 3 back light effects yourself and save them in the mechanical keyboard.

Takes “Fn + F10” as example:

1)Press “Fn + F10”,  you may find LED under the key “F10” keep flashing always.

2)Press those keys one by one that you want them to be on to format your pattern.

Mechanical keyboard user define backlit effect i love you

Mechanical keyboard user define backlit effect , light on the keys to make a “i love you” pattern

3)After press all needed keys on,  then press “Fn + F10” to save.

4)Press  “Fn + F10” to show the backlight effect you defined.