Custom RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard from Chinese manufacturer, personalize any parts you want. Low minimum order at cheap factory wholesale price, high quality promised.

MonkeyKing Custom, custom smart mechanical keyboard

MonkeyKing Custom, smart custom for everyone

MonkeyKing Custom is a smart mechanical keyboard customization brand. It is belonged to semitek company.

Let each of us can customize mechanical keyboard smartly, not just for keyboard enthusiasts.


MonkeyKing Custom, 4-3-2-1 Guarantee:

4 features smart keyboard, promised by GeekCustom Team

smart multiple layers programmable keyboard, very useful

smart visual driver software, easy-to-use

smart full RGB LED backlit, interesting & useful, DIY lighting effect freely.

smart hot-swappable switches, CIY (change it yourself), let users customize their favorite switches easily


3 smart buy, promised by MonkeyKing Custom

buy type – multiple

We supply multi buy types: assembled finished item; custom kits; DIY PCB, parts & accessories. According to price, functions, configuration, used occasion, user, goal…, you can make a smart choice.

buy price – competitive

From design, raw material purchasing, production to freight, all kinds of costs are controlled by us strictly.

Buy time – rapid delivery

Manufactured and made by our whole group, the delivery time will be much faster than others custom mechanical keyboard company and group buy platform ( website).


2  Value-added services from MonkeyKing Custom community

1.Enquiry reply ( interest check or buy enquiry)

2.Through community discussions and following up, update accessories & driver software sequentially, just like smartphone’s APP. Let users can improve working and gaming efficiency more and more,


1 Product quality guarantee

Semitek factory promised


Innovation – Monkeyking’s core competitiveness

  1. By technology innovation, supply advanced smart mechanical keyboard
  2. By supply chain innovation, supply smart buy for all kinds of users
  3. By services innovation, supply community interest check, software continuous update, and more personality services for keyboard users in all walks of life. Let users can use and play keyboard smartly.


MonkeyKing Custom’s mission:

Customized keyboard can hit the mass market

Not just keyboard enthusiast or geek can custom mechanical keyboard.

By MonkeyKing Custom, everyone can custom mechanical keyboard smartly, easily & conveniently.


MonkeyKing Custom’s vision

Everyone can have own custom smart mechanical keyboard – Good typing, Useful, interesting and easy-to-use.

Let  custom smart mechanical keyboard bring people high efficient working & gaming, and even can add luster to our life.


Welcome distribution cooperation

Any merchants or persons are interested in our custom smart mechanical keyboards & DIY custom kits, please contact us for distribution, group buys…and any other possible cooperation negotiation.