Custom RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard from Chinese manufacturer, personalize any parts you want. Low minimum order at cheap factory wholesale price, high quality promised.

62-key compact RGB mechanical keyboard with arrow keys, optical switches, pbt keycaps

62-key compact RGB mechanical keyboard with arrow keys, optical switches, pbt keycaps
62-key hot swappable optical switches mechanical keyboard, RGB programmable, best buy 60% compact keyboard 2017

Portable 60% mechanical keyboard, all-powerful, innovative, best buys 2017

62-key hot swappable optical switches mechanical keyboard, RGB programmable, best buy 60% compact keyboard 2017

62-key hot swappable optical switches mechanical keyboard, RGB programmable, best buy 60% compact keyboard 2017

Unique layout – 62- key small keyboard with dedicated arrow keys
Optical Switch – built-in optical switches with high reaction speed and long life
NmPCB– PCB board with nanometer technology, completely waterproof & dustproof
CIY  2.0– hot swappable optical switches, change it yourself, custom your favorite light strike optical switches easily.
DIU RGB – DIY interesting & useful RGB backlit, fully user-defined.
SSP –  smart software programming for multiple programmable layers.
MagicFinger – innovative visual smart driver software, just like you have a magic finger, pointing any key into what  you want it to be.
Best buy 60% keyboard 2017— good and fun compact mechanical keyboard at budget price.

Product idea from MonkeyKing Custom’s ambition:
Try our best, do the best buy 60% keyboard for customers
From PCB layout, switches’ choice, keycaps’ materials and characters printing… our MonkeyKing Custom team begin the innovations.
Our target is :Make best 60% mechanical keyboard, users’ favourite compact mechanical keyboard at good price.

SuperMonkey come into being – a superman in the smart 60% mechanical keyboard
Portable compact design, good layout, better typing, waterproof board, full RGB programmable for multiple layers, easy-to-use
Product Name: SuperMonkey
Mondel NO.: iGK62
Product Type: IngeniousMonkey power plus edition

Innovative parts details:
PCB board layout:
62-key of 60% keyboard with dedicated arrow keys
Compact design frees desktop space — waste less time reorienting the mouse
 Designed for laptop users, it’s easy to take on the go.
Built-in optical keyboard switches
LK light strike optical mechanical switches
Better performance and durable than MX-based mechanical switch’s
NmPCB – pcb board with nanometer technology, completely waterproof & dustproof
Best waterproof & dustproof keyboard , the ultimate experience for badasses
In cybercafe, office, home, even adverse working conditions, you will never be afraid of any water, coffee, and dust
Spill resistant , a real mini waterproof & dustproof mechanical keyboard for gaming and working
CIY 2.0 (Change It Yourself): hot swappable switches design
Custom your favorite optical mechanical switches by yourself
Trying out different switches, replacing old ones, and matching several types of mechanical keyboard switches used to be difficult and required extreme technical skill. Now SuperMonkey series optical mechanical keyboards are designed to allow you to change your key switches without the hassle of soldering. This caters to anyone who uses their keyboard for multiple purposes. Switching from gaming to typing, for example, might require that you swap your Linear switches to Clicky ones.

Powerful 60% keyboard – the helper of improving your work or game efficiency
With smart cloud driver software “MigicFiner”, programming for multiple programmable layers, user-friendly, easy-to-use
5-layers keyboard  SuperMonkey keyboard include 1 default qwerty layer and 4 fully programmable layers
4 fully programmable layers  include 3 on-board ( we call “offline” ) programmable layers and 1 online programmable layer.
With the visual software operation, just like you have a magic finger, pointing any key into what you want it to be at any programmable layers.

At any programmable layers, you can
Re-assign ( remap ) all keys, user configure any layout
According to your typing habit, any layout you like can be configured it into.
Build (recoding ) macros, assign hotkeys, shortcuts, mouse functions, disable keys to any keys
Keyboard shortcuts are the hallmark of a speedy editor. The more shortcuts you’ve got memorized, the faster you will be.
For example, use some macro keys in PS, setting macro keys for video editing and motion graphics
Superman keyboard, suitable for video & film editing, PS graphic designing…
Designer and editor’s professional keyboard, improving working efficiency’s weapon

Custom multiple personality layers, just like you have multi personality keyboards, suitable for working, gaming or multimedia playing occasions
Someone may custom it into:
1 layer keyboard for office working: set hotkeys, just by one click for opening some frequently-used application file…
1 layer keyboard for design working: have macros keys, shortcut keys….
1 layer keyboard for gaming: gaming macro keys…
1 layer keyboard for multimedia playing: Play, Stop, Next, Prev, Vol Up, Vol Down, and Mute shortcuts freely customized…
You can toggle among 3 offline ( onboard ) layers easily,  just by typing  Fn+w for opening the layer, once again typing for closing the layer. The same operation of  typing Fn+e,  Fn+r  for another 2 offline (onbaord) layer’s opening and closing.

Interesting 60% keyboard, shining your life
Also with cloud driver software “MigicFiner”, DIY interesting & useful RGB backlit, fully user-defined.
Pre-placed multi glorious RGB lighting effects
For primary keyboard users to enjoy cool RGB keyboard easily.
User define every key’s individual color
User define per-key”s  backlighting for unprecedented customization and control.
For example, game players can define the RGB colors for WASD keys, strengthen the gaming experiences, so cool.
DIY lighting modes
For senior keyboard players, deliver dynamic and vibrant lighting effects with virtually unlimited customization.
User may set multi light effects for 3 offline (on-board ) layers and 3 configurations of the online layer, and also can set multi light effects for default (standard ) layer.
Useful RGB – make RGB color be a function indicator
This function is very useful. Eg: It can let you know clearly which kind of the keyboard layer you are working at, and in which kind of mode the key is.

Hardware adjust brightness (at 21levels), adjust light effect speed (at 10 levels)
Fn + Enter, on/off light effects

Other features:
Built-in 8M flash memory, easy-onboard-use
8M onboard memory for storing layouts, macros, hotkeys, shortcut keys… and the lighting profiles. User can carry it and use it on multiple PC’s , without needing to install software on all of computers.
With USB type C connectors, fast one step
More fast transfer speed, matching with fashion high- tech professional computer & gaming supercomputers perfectly. Real high performance PC peripherals.
Built-in microphone design, interesting playing tips
The RGB light effect can bounce along with the rhythm of music.
Magic entertainment function, relaxing yourself when you are in the working gaps. An amazing keyboard.

62-key keyboard with independent arrow keys
Ergonomic design
Standard QWERTY layout (ANSI)
100% anti ghosting with USB full key rollover, ensure your commands and simultaneous keystrokes always register the way you intend.
Switch mount type: Plate
Detachable braided cord mechcable length: 1.5m, with usb type c connector
Windows lock function
Polling rate of 1,000 Hz
Power saving mode: When the computer is on standby or shutdown, this mode launched.
Operation: Windows XP/7/8/10/MAC OS
Driver software compatible: available for Windows,  and not for Mac OS (but the stored settings configured on Windows can be used on MAC OS)
Support BIOS setting on main board, as well as USB online update.

Best buy 60% smart mechanical keyboard 2017
Dedicated arrow cluster
62-key keyboard with arrow cluster keys, is a quite good layout for a compact mechanical keyboard
Dolch PBT keycaps
Keycaps are made from PBT: a durable plastic that will not wear out over time, unlike some other keycap materials.
Dolch laser-engraved discreet front printed keycaps, feel concise to workplace elites.
ABS case
Cheap price, let SuperMonkey keyboard can be a best buy compact mechanical keyboard
Portable, travel with the keyboard for multi occasions using, quite convenient for outworker.

SuperMonkey keyboard come from the multipartite collaborations
Designed by GeekCustom Team
Innovative uber design, bring uber performance
Let users enjoy better typing, better working & gaming experiences
Manufactured by Semitek factory
Quality assurance: high quality mini mechanical keyboard
Production costs control: best budget mechanical keyboard
Made by MonkeyKing Custom – your smart custom mechanical keyboard platform ( brand )
4-3-2-1 guarantee
4 smart-features product
3 smart buy
2 smart community services
1 quality assurance

SuperMonkey keyboard – an amazing keyboard, utility, interesting & user-friendly
Richest experiences, the most cost-effective 60% smart keyboard
SuperMonkey is the power plus editon among IngeniousMoneky series ( smart 60% mechanical keyboard —-useful & playing mechcanicla keyboard)
1. Good typing, for writes, editors, office staffs , perfect office keyboard,
2. Powerful macros keyboard, shortcut keyboard, for professionals, such as graphic designer, video editing… elite keyboard
3. Portable design, suitable for working and gaming on-the-go.
4. Best buying keyboard, suitable to young man, boyfriends as Christmas gifts.

Fairy tale story about Monkey King
Monkey King, colorful auspicious clouds, magic golden cudgel,72-changes,
In China, there is a very famous mythic fiction “Pilgrimage to the West”.
Nearly every Chinese know there is a very smart & ingenious monkey in it. He is called Monkey King. Actually, he is a immortal. When he want to somewhere, he can fly in the sky,  and always with a piece of colorful auspicious cloud underfoot. Very magic.
He has a very magic weapon, it is called golden cudgel. It is come from the East China Sea Dragon Palace, and it’s the priceless treasure in the dragon palace. Monkey King get it. And this golden cudgel is very magic & powerful. At ordinary times, it is just as small as a embroidery needle,  and always be put in the Monkey King’s ear. When Monkey King fight with the monster, the golden cudgel can become huge momentarily, even can reach the heavenly palace, extremely powerful!
Monkey King is also a magic monkey, he has the ability of 72- changes. In any necessary occasions, he can change himself into what he want to be.

More customized buy choices:
Besides the above pre-assembled finished product – SuperMonkey, more buy choices are available for keyboard customization & DIY users:
Custom kits: pre-soldered iGK62 PCB + ABS / metal case + plate + stabilizer
DIY parts & accessories:
PCB:   iGK62 PCB with pre-soldered all of electronic components ( including RGB LED )
Keyboard cases: ABS case, wooden case, CNC anodized aluminum alloy case in green, purple, blue, red, and silver-gray…
Keycaps: laser-engraved discreet front printed PBT keycaps
Switches: Gateron optical mechanical switches blue, black, red, brown, silver
More mechanical keyboard DIY parts and accessories for choices later…
USB cable: 1.5 m high quality braided cable with USB type C connector


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