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Hot swap keyboard, custom mechanical keyboard buyer, you need to know

Hot swap keyboard, custom mechanical keyboard buyer, you need to know

What is hot swap PCB & hotswap keyboard?

Hot swap keyboard is a kind of mechanical switch keyboard. As this keyboard, every user can plug mechanical switch into the keyboard PCB (we call it hot swap PCB) and also pull switches out off from the PCB easily, neither needing any soldering nor any tools, just need your hand.

So even you are a mechanical keyboard new user, you can test more kinds of switches, just need to do “plug & pull”, until get the custom keyboard with your favorite switches, so easy!

You also need to know, sometimes hot swap keyboards are called modular keyboard ,CIY keyboard, removable switch keyboard and replaceable switch keyboard.

Hot swap keyboard, hot swap kailh box white switch keyboard, hot swap RGB backlit keyboard, HSMX keyboard

Hot swap keyboard, hot swap kailh box white switch keyboard, hot swap RGB backlit keyboard, HSMX keyboard

Who need hot swap keyboard and hotswap PCB?

1. Mechanical keyboard new user need a hot swap keyboard, as your starter keyboard

Actually, hot swap keyboard is a best starter keyboard for mechanical keyboard new users. Because as mechanical keyboard fresher, obviously, you don’t know which kinds of switches are just fit for you, now what you need to do is to buy a hot swap keyboard or custom hot swap keyboard kit, and purchase some kinds of mechanical switches, just plug them into the hot swap PCB, testing and testing, then you will find the switches that just fit for you, so easily. We even can say, getting a custom mechanical switch keyboard is just a piece of cake.

2 Gamers, typists, programmers and designers buy a hot swappable mechanical keyboard, customize your own mixed switches keyboard

Build your own keyboard, even mixed switches keyboard (Cherry switch, Gateron, Kailh box…; Black switch, red, white, blue,brown…;Clicky switch, tactile, linear…any switch you’d like to try ), for gaming and typing perfectly.

3. New DIYer, buy a hot swap keyboard PCB, this is the first smart step when you enter the DIY keyboard world

Buy a hot swap PCB, no need any soldering, so without any difficulty, you can begin to enter DIY mechanical keyboard world, without any pressure, so happy!

4. Heavy Users of Keyboard, hot swap keyboard will help you a lot

After frequent typing, if the mechanical switches went wrong, you can remove the “bad”switch ( need a simple key puller), then swap in a new switch (just need your hand) at anywhere, anytime.

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Before purchasing hot swap keyboard, you must know

HSMX keyboard & HSOP keyboard
Now there are 2 kinds of hot swap keyboards available on the market, because of their different working principle.

1. HSMX keyboard ( CIY 1.0 keyboard)
At present, probably some keyboard enthusiasts have known the hot swap MX switches mechanical keyboard (someone call HS keyboard), but we’d like to call it HSMX mechanical keyboard ( hot swap mx & mx-compatible switch keyboard), or CIY 1.0 keyboard.

On HSMX keyboard PCB, Kailh sockets are needed, they have been soldered at every mechanical switch’s site
User can plug mx or mx-compatible switches (such as Cherry mx switch, gateron mechanical switch, kailh box switches) into the Kailh sockets, no need any soldering, but you need to plug these switches carefully, don’t let the switch’s leg bent, otherwise, probably its key can’t work correctly.

Buy HSMX keyboard, custom hot swap mx switch pre-assembly completed keyboards, custom kits & DIY parts:

iGK61 (60 keyboard with poker layout)

iGK64 (64 key keyboard with dedicated arrow keys )

iGK68 (68-key keyboard)

2. HSOP keyboard (CIY 2.0 keyboard)
Another most advanced hot swappable keyboard is hot swap optical mechanical swtich keyboard, we call it HSOP keyboard

On HSOP keyboard PCB, NO any switch sockets, as its different working principle – the principles of Optics, no need electrical contact between the switches and the PCB.

The optical key-switch still can be plugged in, more easier & reliable than mx switch, so we call it CIY 2.0 mechanical axis keyboard

Buy HSOP keyboards, hot swap optical key-switch keyboards ,custom kits & DIY parts:

iGK61p (61-key poker layout optical axis keyboard)

iGK62 (62-key optical mechanical switch keyboard with dedicated arrow keys)

 iMK11 (104-key full size hot swap optical keyswitch keyboard)

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