Пользовательский RGB с подсветкой механические игровой клавиатуры от китайского производителя, Настройте любые части, которую вы хотите. Низкий минимальный заказ по оптовой цене недорогие фабрики, высокое качество обещал.

Инновационная технология механического коммутатора для механической клавиатуры

Инновационная технология механического коммутатора для механической клавиатуры

Innovative technology of mechanical switch for Механическая клавиатура

For the reason of fierce price competition among Chinese mechanical switch brands, a great confusion among Chinese switches resulted. To guarantee quality of the switches, which plays the most important role in mechanical keyboard’s quality, producers invested considerable money to develop and enhance their switches, players or buyers may need to know some details about switch technology to clearly distinguish those good quality switches for their mechanical keyboard.

When you bought a mechanical keyboard, at the beginning, you get a good feel form the switches usually, but the feel declined sharply after a period of use, then you realized that you bought a mechanical keyboard with bad quality switches. Теперь, some brands of mechanical keyboard sell their keyboard at price of only USD15 or less in the market, at such low prices, do you still believe the quality of their mechanical switches? Good feel and long life are the features of mechanical keyboard, also are the reasons of why players buy mechanical keyboards instead of other keyboards in spite of the higher price, virulent competition in price is killing the quality of mechanical keyboards and is also killing the user’s experience of playing mechanical keyboards.

There is worth watching, Kailh announce their new switch, BOX switch, on Jan,23,2017, this switch attracted a moderate level of industry attention despite it had not be widely sold on retail market. It’s well known that most Chinese switch producers learnt the technology from Cherry’s MX technology, but now a new structure was designed in Kailh’s new switch, which is completely different from Cherry MX.

Different colors of mechanical switches for mechanical gaming keyboard

Different colors of mechanical switches for mechanical gaming keyboard

Kailh designed aBOXto contain the structure, a waterproof and dustproof space were created, so it’s calledBOX”. This box is used to change trigger way to protect the metal contacts well besides its waterproof and dustproof function.

"BOX" structure switches for mechanical gaming-keyboard

BOXstructure switches for mechanical gaming-keyboard

Original design for trigger is to trigger by pressing up-and-down, 2 times of pressing (“up” и “down”) the metal contacts were needed to finish a triggering process, но теперь, only 1 time of pressing deformation is needed by pushing thesmall green pointon BOX axis to finish a triggering process, theoretically, compare with Cherry MX, BOX switch has double lifetime, BOX switches get to fatigue strength of more than 80 million times tested by authority.

Working method of "BOX-structure" switch for mechanical keyboard

Working method ofBOX-structureswitch for mechanical keyboard

В настоящее время, BOX switches also include 4 feels of black, Голубой, red and brown correspondingly, what’s the future of BOX switch? it’s worthy of attention.

Triggering method of "box-structure" механические выключатели

Triggering method ofbox-structure” механические выключатели

Could BOX switches stand out from Chinese switches? May BOX switches challenge to Cherry’s position on mechanical keyboard market? all these questions are too early to answer, perhaps, only the market could give out answer in the future.

Parameters of the newly invented "BOX-structure" механические выключатели

Parameters of the newly inventedBOX-structure” механические выключатели

There are still great technical space for developping for mechanical keyboards, innovations and creative designs are expected. It’s crucial to most mechanical keyboard producers to promote their product’s quality and technical functions.

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