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Downloads of mechanical keyboard

Technical specifications of iGK6X mechanical keyboard


Download “Technical specification of iGK61,61P mechanical keyboard” iGK61_61P_keyboard_specification.pdf – Downloaded 82 times – 418 kB

Download “Technical specification of iGK62 mechanical keyboard” iGK62_keyboard_specification.pdf – Downloaded 38 times – 284 kB

Download “Technical specification of iGK64 mechanical keyboard” iGK64_keyboard_specification.pdf – Downloaded 60 times – 444 kB

Driver tool software for iGK6X series keyboards

(released:20171022, Version:

This driver software supports Windows operating system, users may download and install the driver on the PC (users should extract the downloaded “.zip” file before installing), this driver only works for iGK6X series keyboard. Please connect your iGK6X keyboard to the PC before running the driver.

Download “Driver tool software (V5.0.0.12) for iGK6X series programmable keyboards” – Downloaded 102 times – 41 MB

Another link for downloading “Driver tool software (V5.0.0.12) for iGK6X series programmable keyboards”. The file at following link is as same as the file from above link, it’s unnecessary to download from following link again if you downloaded the “.zip” file from above link successfully.

Download “Driver tool software (V5.0.0.12) for iGK6X series programmable keyboards (2)” – Downloaded 62 times –

Manual of iGK6X mechanical keyboard driver software 


iGK6X series 60% mechanical keyboards are programmable, with the driver tools software, users may fully define the keyboard. Following is a  manual book (.pdf ) for driver tools software, user may learn to make settings step by step.
The file size is: 3213KB

Download “iGK6X mechanical keyboard driver tool manual” iGK6X-mechanical-keyboard-driver-manual-pc-100-com.pdf – Downloaded 337 times – 3 MB