Egendefinerte RGB mekanisk gaming tastatur fra kinesisk produsent, tilpasse alle delene du vil. Lav minimum ordre på billig fabrikken engros-pris, høy kvalitet lovet.

Hvorfor velge våre mekanisk tastatur?

Hvorfor velge våre mekanisk tastatur?

Why choose our mekanisk tastatur?

Her er grunnene til at hvorfor du velger vår mekanisk tastatur:

  1. We are professional designer and solution provider of computer peripherals since 2002, mer enn 14+ years experience.
  2. We provide professional service of customization, we would assess and realize customer’s technical expectations into the custom products.
  3. Our products include wireless or wired mice, keyboards and some controllers, many years in this field we cooperate well with some other related manufacturers, dermed, we may design and produce high quality products at fairly low price.
  4. Mechanical keyboard is our important product, high performance, low price, passelig, small MOQ and flexible design are our goals.
  5. We accept different levels of egendefinerte mekanisk tastatur order, tastehettens, nøkkelbryteres, backlit LEDs(RGB-farger, 7 farger, single color…), all levels mechanical keyboard are with high quality although their different level parameters.
Mange stilarter av panelet ramme for mekanisk tastatur

Mange stilarter av panelet ramme for mekanisk tastatur