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Key switches for mechanical keyboard

mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches, which pair each key to its own spring loaded switch. They are designed to provide superior audio and tactile feedback. The majority of these switches are identified by color (Black, Brown, Blue, Red), each with a slightly different design, tweaked to provide a specific feel while typing.

Mechanical keyswitches give an unmistakable, stronger feedback as you type in the form of feeling a bump, hearing a click, and/or feeling a smooth bottom out to the keyboard’s base. Not only does it feel more satisfying than a rubber dome keyboard, it can be more precise, too.

There isn’t universally called “best” switch actually, certainly, there is definitely a best switch for you personally.

No matter which type of switch you pick, mechanical keyboards are well-suited for playing PC games because they offer unmistakable feedback when pressed. That is, part of the fun of mechanical keyboards is getting one that perfectly suits your needs, and for that, you need to find the switches right for you.

Different key switches may get different type feel or clicky sound, people have their own hobbies on using mechanical keyboard. Some features of different key switches here:

Key switches for mechanical keyboard

Key switches for mechanical keyboard

We supply the below mechanical switches for DIY users:

Buy Cherry MX RGB switch in blue, red, brown, silent red and speed silver

Buy Gateron RGB switch in blue, red, brown, black, green, yellow, silent brown and silent red

Buy Kailh box switch in red, brown and white

Buy Gateron optical switches in blue, red, brown, black, silver and yellow