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Что такое функция несрабатывания механической клавиатуры?

Что такое функция несрабатывания механической клавиатуры?

What is ghosting and how do you recognize it?

Ghosting is when some keyboard shortcuts don’t work when several blocks of keys are struck simultaneously. This is purely a logical problem in keyboards with a line/column matrix switching system, manifesting itself during game play when some buttons seem not to work, only to work very slowly, or work without being struck (as if by a ghost).

What is анти-ореолов?

It’s a technology that is used by some keyboards for your pc. It is usually found ingamers” клавишные, as gamers are the ones who need it the most.
A keyboard usually allows you to press down a maximum of three keys at the same moment. Sometimes it’s even less. It can be very annoying in, Например, a racing game when you hear a bleep coming out of your computer when you’re holding down the forward button, using Nitro and trying to avoid traffic at the same moment.
Sometimes just using your brakes may be too much.
That’s why there is анти-призракIng. It allows you to hold down much more keys. Gamers won’t get annoyed all the time, and it adds some realisme to the game.
In brief, anti-ghosting allows you to press a lot of keys simultaneously

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