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Compact optical keyboards?  



I've been using iGK61p(optical, silver) for almost an year now and it's an amazing keyboard. However, when I'm doing debugging and stuffs that uses a lot of F keys, I can't help but wish for a slightly larger keyboard with compact layout.

I mean iGK61P is in a unique place because it's mobile like other 60% keyboards and uses optical switches which makes typing rapidly much more responsive.

I wouldn't mind a 96keys(Red scarf III) optical keyboard...or even larger ortholinear keyboard.




104-key optical keyboard iMK11 is available now. And we are going to make a standard 87-key layout optical keyboard.  We want to know which item you like better, 104-key or 87-key?  And we also want to get some advice or suggestions from you guys.

Thanks in advance.


Edited: 2 years  ago

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